Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is great!

pathetic? Are you kidding? This is great!!...

1. MSFT talks to YHOO about acquisition.
YHOO goes up and MSFT tanks...
2. MSFT walks.
YHOO goes down and MSFT stuck in neutral.
3. Go back to step1 for next iteration.

While MSFT keeps playing those games with YHOO the end result...
- YHOO gets weaker in the market, but still stays significantly higher than its pre-MSFT-bid level of $19
- MSFT loses about 5-10% on every iteration above. Its already down from about $32.5 pre-bid to about $27.5. There's another iteration in progress and the walksters are trembling.
- GOOG improves its market share v/s YHOO+MSFT and laughs its way to the bank. It also has YHOO trapped in a deal where it fills GOOG's coffers one way or the other..

This is great if you are GOOG long, MSFT short and can time the waves on YHOO.

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