Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Icahn's dilemma

Looks like finally someone in MSM has realized what Icahn's letter is all about. I have been trying to convey this in my comments during the last couple of days. Let me rephrase one more time:

Icahn can't win support from big shareholders for his slate unless he can get current YHOO BOD to rescind the newly added change in control, because if he wins a majority in the proxy fight, the change in control provisions get triggered, and no right-thinking big shareholder would like that. That's absolute worst case for shareholders because even if Icahn wins, there is no guarantee that MSFT would come back with an offer in mid-thirties that Icahn is looking for and there would be liability associated with the change in control.

What are the chances of current board rescinding the change in control provisions? Will the current board voluntarily make it easy for Icahn to win the proxy fight? That's the whole point of adding those new terms and conditions. As per these articles, some lawyers argue that at this point YHOO board can't voluntarily rescind those provisions, even if it wanted to.

So its quite possible that Icahn will have to take this to the court or just give up on taking control of YHOO board.

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