Friday, June 13, 2008

Here's an idea for AAPL to consider

Apple should make a bid for MSFT's (smartphone + OS + mp3 player) assets for 5B$ cash. This should include all OS assets including: Code, people, servers, data centers, patents, customer accounts, knowledge-base, buildings in redmond etc.

Combination of cost savings and revenue boost would drive at least $5 billion in incremental operating income to MSFT per year. Apple can then kill all flops like zune, vista etc. As part of this deal Apple should buy 16% of MSFT, using its high PE stock, hoping that some of the PE rubs off on MSFT stock. MSFT should discontinue all its investments in zune+xbox+OS as part of this deal. They can then focus all their energy in making Office work better as the primary goal for the new lean and mean organization.

The combination of the OS, phone and music player assets would unlock new R&D innovation, eliminate redundant engineering efforts and allow for greater scale in serving customers.

Taken together, I believe this proposal would create total value for MSFT’s shareholders in excess of $45 per share. Heck, just a single presentation by Steve Jobs could do this. Btw, its just an estimate, so don't hold me to it.

If MSFT rejects this unsolicited deal from AAPL, pundits can then start analyzing, how crazy it is for MSFT to have rejected this deal.

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