Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Icahn's Public Statement on Yahoo today

I believe YHOO BOD will announce a deal with GOOG after today's board meeting (if there is one). I'm sure during all the recent discussions with MSFT, including the one in the golf cart, they may have offered other low-ball offers and ways of breaking up YHOO, which won't be acceptable to YHOO. MSFT has made amply clear that they are not interested in full acquisition at this time. Their stock in tanksterville confirms that even if they want to acquire YHOO completely, there is no reasonable way that their stock can support such a deal. The key detail in Icahn's announcement today is that now he is convinced as well that there is no quick deal with MSFT acquiring YHOO completely as he was hoping for. He must be tracking MSFT stock with the same intensity as his YHOO holdings to have reached this conclusion.

Since the full deal with MSFT is unlikely and NOBODY, including the activist shareholders in YHOO, other than MSFT, is interested in a partial deal, what are the options? Only alternative for YHOO board is to sign a deal with GOOG and hope to win the proxy fight based on the results of that deal.

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