Friday, June 13, 2008

Ring out MSFT, Ring in GOOG

M wants Y. Always wanted Y from last couple of years. But M never wanted to pay a fair price and just bully their way in. M also wanted Doubleclick. But it didn't want to pay. Let's just say that M got Doubleclicked again. Now I won't be surprised if they get pissed off at another loss to GOOG and blow their money on a fad like facebook (just as they did with Aquantive, after they lost Doubleclick). M should realize that its not the nineties anymore and their empire is in decline.

With Gates out and a stock that's been floundering for a decade, MSFT is like a headless chicken running around scared, without clear strategy or goal. All they can hope now is that their buddies in the govt can slow down the GOOG juggernaut. But GOOG has already played this game and played it well. Look at their success in getting DCLK approved and also the wireless spectrum opened up. Look out for more FUD and spin from MSFT. For example:

I think its time for MSFT longs to wake up and smell the coffee. Use this short term pop to get out from the past (MSFT) and get into the future (GooHoo). This isn't really about Y. Its more about the war between G and M, and there is still time to be on the winning team.

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