Monday, June 16, 2008

More predictions

Guys, I'm out of town so won't be able to spend too much time on this, although I find this topic very interesting. Meanwhile, I'll just refer you to my blogpost on June 6th. This was written before any of the recent events. I'm glad that its turning out exactly as I expected so far. I had also predicted that YHOO will settle in the range $21-23, at which point it becomes a buy. I put my money @ 22.71. If things work out as I expect, then YHOO will settle around $25 by the time the shareholder meeting is done. Then in six months MSFT will end up buying YHOO at $34-35, out of desperation. Standard disclaimer: outlook depends on Mr. market remaining normal...

So enjoy..

@Alex Schleber

I'm glad that you enjoyed my "tongue-in-cheek" post on what APPL should do to MSFT. For a moment I thought the readers of this blog lost their sense of humor along with the $$ bet on a YHOO acquisition..

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