Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yang's case

Yang is just laying out the facts. There is no spin or fiction in what he said. YHOO shareholders got plenty of time to unload in high twenties. Those who are still holding are either the greedy ones who jumped on the bandwagon after the MSFT bid was announced or those who sincerely believe that YHOO is worth ~$30+ to MSFT and that MSFT doesn't have any other choice than to buy YHOO to be able to compete with GOOG. The former deserve to lose and are the disgruntled types who may vote for Icahn. The latter are the ones that will vote for Yang and hope that MSFT will come back with a realistic offer in $30-35 range with valuation guarantees, once Yang's position is secure after the shareholder meeting. No sensible shareholder of YHOO would vote for Icahn, unless he can guarantee a MSFT deal in the $33+ range, as Bill Miller suggested. That's not going to happen based on MSFT's behavior and crashing stock. So what Yang is doing is just pointing out the obvious to those disgruntled shareholders, who still think that bringing in Icahn would somehow improve the prospects of a favorable deal with MSFT.

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