Monday, July 14, 2008

Details of Icahn deal

Fernando, the details of how Icahn believes its a valuation of $33 are in his SEC filing. Asian assets are valued at $9/share. Remaining shares are valued at $19.5. Additional amount is in the form of cash injected.

If Icahn really believes in that math, he should just take the company private with his buddies and help from MSFT at $33/share. Then he can "realize" that value. I'm sure current YHOO board would be open to that. But this won't happen because that $33 valuation that they come up with is fuzzy math and has uncertainties associated with it.

One interesting thing in that filing is that Icahn and presumably MSFT are looking to extend the date for the shareholder meeting and YHOO didn't agree. It means that YHOO is more confident of winning the Aug1 vote compared to Icahn.

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