Wednesday, July 9, 2008

MSFT: time to put up or shut up

In other words, what Bill Miller is saying to Icahn and obliquely to MSFT is same as Yang. Its time to put up or shut up. What MSFT said to YHOO shareholders is you guys fire the current board and then maybe we'll come back with another low-ball offer, once Yang is out of our way. Its gonna be a low-ball offer, so we don't want to talk numbers now. MSFT position is ludicrous because they think that YHOO shareholders are stupid enough to get conned by them without any concrete offer on the table.

If MSFT is really serious about this, like they profess to be, they should come up with a concrete offer with cash/stock split specified, conditional on the current board being fired. Then the shareholders have something to work with instead of empty promises. But as Yang said MSFT has no intention to buy YHOO and just want to harm it, which is understandable considering they are no.3 and YHOO is no.2 in search.

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