Wednesday, July 9, 2008

MSFT close to $25, as I predicted

Henry, don't you think its time for your hedge fund buddies to start rumors about Ballmer quitting instead of Yang? After MSFT put the bid for YHOO, there is no change in status quo. YHOO is still independent. Only change is that YHOO stock is up about 20% and MSFT is down about 20%.

I have to admit, I'm really surprised that absolutely no one in the MSM is talking about the steep decline in MSFT stock-price, while they seem to derive a lot of pleasure in going on and on about YHOO and Yang. Here's an idea. If you really want to be different than the MSM, then start writing some articles which have "MSFT" and "Titanic" or "albatross" in the title, for example.

For those who are keeping track - (MSFT - GOOG) is about $65B today, and GOOG's earnings is next week.

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